about us

we use customer feedback to design world-class products.

rèphr comes from the word reference, in that we use community input as our source of truth & inspiration to design world class products.

the concept of designing products with our customers is inspired by a movement in engineering called open-source software. distilled to its purest form, it's the idea that a group of passionate people with a common vision can come together and create something incredible.

our ultimate vision is to create a collection of premium daily essentials that will instantly elevate people's everyday lives and offer them at accessible prices.

with tremendous support from beauty lovers around the world, we launched our first product in 2019 - a collection of Japanese makeup brushes that are 100% crowdsourced & crowdfunded.

we offer best-in-class products at accessible prices

there are 2 key principles that drive what we do at rèphr.

1. all product designs are crowdsourced and should be a true reflection of what people want.

2. products designed by the people should also be accessible for the people.

through our concept store, anybody can get access to our products at reduced prices, as long as they're committed to providing honest feedback.

as we grow and more customers join our community, we plan to add more brushes and products from other categories - including but not limited to products related to makeup, skincare & home. our focus is on daily essentials that will instantly elevate peoples' lives.